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Insurance & Payments

Dental Insurance & Payments

Understanding and making the most of your dental insurance coverage.

Our Delta / Surrey-Newton dentist office has convenient payment options that you can choose from. We are happy to help you to submit the claims to the insurance companies. We do offer interest free payment plan options to our clients, depending upon the eligibility. Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Cheque or Cash.

Important Things You Should Know About Dental Insurance:

  • Most insurance companies have an annual maximum amount of coverage for each patient listed under the policy and most policies do not cover 100%.
  • Many insurance policies have a deductable. This is the dollar amount the patient pays toward their treatment before insurance coverage begins.
  • Many dental services and treatments that are clinically necessary are not covered by dental insurance. These exclusions are usually described in the patient’s insurance booklet.
  • Dual coverage is when each spouse is covered by different insurance plans. The insurance companies usually coordinate the benefits so the patient doesn’t receive more than 100% of the treatment cost. Children must first be put under the insurance plan of the parent whose month of birth comes first. The patient/guardian will require a secondary insurance claim form that can be submitted to the secondary insurance plan to receive the co pay. Only the first claim can be processed electronically by the dental office. The secondary insurance form is given to the patient/guardian to send to the secondary company for the co pay.

Insurance Providers:

We deal with most of the major insurance companies such as Pacific Blue Cross, Blue Cross National, Sunlife, Manulife, Standard Life, RWAM & many more. Please call our office if you have questions related to insurance coverage.

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