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Dental sealants are a very thin type of plastic coating that is applied onto the surfaces of the teeth to help prevent cavities in children. Adults can get them as well.

Numerous studies have shown that sealants are 100% effective in protecting teeth from cavities when applied properly. If the sealant stays intact, food and the bacteria that cause cavities cannot reach the tooth surface.

Protection is reduced when they are broken or compromised in some way; however, studies on sealants and tooth decay show that teeth that have lost their sealants are no more susceptible to cavities than teeth that were never sealed.

Who Should Get Sealants?

Tooth decay can begin very early in life and occur in people of all ages. We recommend dental sealants for adults, but they should mainly be applied to both children’s and teenagers’ molars and premolars to help protect them.

Children can also get them on their new permanent teeth so they can protect the teeth through those years between 6 and 14 when children are most at risk for getting their first cavities. This way, they will receive the most benefits.

Research shows that 95% of the population will experience tooth decay at some time in their life, so sealants can be beneficial to almost everyone, including adults. Even baby teeth can be good candidates for sealants because they have deep grooves and depressions.

The dental sealants procedure is painless and a great way to keep your teeth and your child’s teeth free from the effects, pain, and costs of cavities.