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Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge is a excellent treatment for cases in which a missing tooth or missing teeth have created a gap. Bridges are appropriately termed because they literally bridge the gap between the teeth by anchoring an artificial tooth between two dental crowns that are placed on either side of the gap. Bridges remedy the effects of gapped teeth, allowing you to smile naturally, speak normally, and chew efficiently.

Different types of dental bridge

Bridges are commonly available in three main varieties: the traditional bridge, the Cantilever bridge, and the Maryland bonded bridge. Most common is the traditional bridge, which is created by placing two dental crowns on either side of the gap and fixing an artificial tooth between them. The Cantilever bridge consists of an artificial tooth that is fused to two crowns on one side of the gap, resulting in a solution that is somewhat mechanically weaker than a standard bridge. The Maryland bonded bridge conserves more tooth structure than a standard bridge, but also tends to be more susceptible to wear and tear.

What is the typical procedure?
The procedure to place dental bridges is very similar to that procedure for crowns. We first make moulds of your natural teeth and prepare the teeth that will be supporting the crowns, and then send an impression of the prepared teeth to the laboratory. The finished bridge is cemented onto the appropriate teeth to complete the job at a second appointment.

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