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White Fillings

oral-surgery1White fillings are a composite material designed to build up and match the colour of your teeth. They can restore a decayed tooth or repair a defect. Although they are often used on the front teeth where a natural appearance is important, they may also be used on a back tooth when the restoration is small or may be visible.

When is a white filling recommended?

A dental white filling is recommended if the cavity is not very large. A small-to-medium size cavity can be restored with a white filling. If the cavity is very large, then a stronger filling, such as Gold or Porcelain will be recommended. This is to prevent tooth sensitivity, and to give the tooth strength long-term for chewing.

Can I eat after getting my new white fillings?

The white composite fillings are fully-set when leaving the office. However, the local anaesthetic takes 2-5 hours to wear off. Thus, we recommend not eating until the anaesthetic fully wears off, to refrain from biting the numb lip, tongue or cheek. If you are hungry, and cannot wait, please ask your dentist for some recommendations. Warm or cold liquids (drinks, smoothies) are okay to have while waiting for the anaesthetic to wear off.

Advantages of White Fillings

  • Beautiful aesthetics so nobody knows you even had a cavity.
  • Less removal of tooth structure than older types of fillings.
  • Less prone to breakage than metal fillings.
  • Mercury-free.
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