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Dental Implants | Advantages & More

Our way to overall well-being lies in regularly taking care of every organ of our body. If we talk about our dental care, it is essential to look after our teeth’ health as they help in chewing our food and are a vital part of our overall physical appearance. According to a report by AAID, almost 3 million U.S. citizens have dental implants, with almost half a million getting implants every year. 

Defining a Dental implant

A dental implant is a high-tech tooth replacement technique that functions as the entire tooth structure. In the bone, a root (titanium) is inserted and used to support a denture, bridge, or crown. A dental implant appears, feels, and functions like your natural tooth only. If taken care of properly, it can even last for a lifetime.

Ideal Dental Implant Candidates

  • The ideal candidates for a dental implant are the ones with one (or more than one) tooth missing, broken teeth, or decayed teeth that are too late for a repair. 
  • Those uncomfortable with their bridges or dentures can see help in the form of a dental implant. 
  • Earlier, people who had insufficient bone or specific health conditions/habits were not looked upon as an ideal dental implant candidates. 
  • However, with technological advancements, especially in bone reconstruction and diagnostics, such patients can also now benefit from the implant. 

5 Key Dental Implant Advantages

They Function like Natural Teeth 

You do not need to worry about the functioning of a dental implant as it is able to restore complete chewing potential. The majority of patients are unable to differentiate between their implant teeth and natural teeth. They are able to eat normally like before, along with being able to brush and floss without any hassle.

They can Last for a Lifetime

This is the best part of having a dental implant. Unlike dental bridges that can last for approximately 10 years, a dental implant can last for a lifetime when proper dental care is done on a consistent basis. The reason being it is able to integrate with the jawbone effortlessly due to its titanium structure. Also, due to its bio-compatibility and non-toxic nature, the human body does not reject it at all, making it a powerful option for tooth replacement. 

They Help Keep Adjacent Teeth Stable 

The biggest concern that rises from a missing tooth is that the adjacent teeth tend to move toward the gap. This results in pulling the teeth out of their position, affecting your bite, and the potential to chew at large, leading to interference that disrupts tooth replacement in the future. However, none of these negative outcomes arrive after a successful dental implant. 

They Keep Cavities At Bay

In the case of an artificial tooth, it needs proper care against the formation of bacteria and infections in the mouth. However, you get a lot of respite in the case of a dental implant since it is not made up of anything that promotes decay.  

They are Cost-Effective

When you compare a dental implant’s cost with the cost of several restorations that demand timely replacement, you will be surprised to know that a dental implant is way too cost-effective. After your implant has been placed successfully, you will be guided by your dentist on how you can prevent any problem in the future. 

Taking Care of Your Dental Implants

  • It is not at all difficult when it comes to taking care of your dental implants since they demand care in the same way as your natural teeth.
  • This includes regular hygienist appointments, routine dental check-ups, and brushing/flossing your teeth a minimum of two times a day. 
  • One must not think since dental implants are not organically made, they do not need to be cleaned. 
  • Similar to natural teeth, implants can attract infections, gum disease, and also plague/tartar if not cleaned regularly. 

This clearly explains how essential it is to take care of your dental implants if you want them to function like your natural teeth in the long run. The benefits above will let you know that having a dental implant done is actually a wise decision. 

If you still have any concerns regarding the same, you may contact the expert team of Sterling Family Dentistry. We will be more than happy to guide you toward your overall dental care just like we have helped and successfully treated a vast range of our patients in the past.