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Tips for choosing the right toothbrush

Hygiene is a must to lead a healthy life. Maximum bacteria are found in our mouth because that is the place that is used the most. Three to four meals a day, snacks, drinks, and much more, so it is obligatory to take care of it properly. Most people feel scared while going to the dentist. The treatment is too scary and expensive, so isn’t it better to take early care than It’s too late?

Dentists often recommend that brushing twice a day keeps teeth healthy but does the toothbrush play any role in keeping your teeth healthy? Have you ever thought about what toothbrush you should buy? There are multiple sizes, styles, and shapes of toothbrushes on the market, but which is the best one? Too much confusion but what about the solution? No, all the brushes are not similar; many attributes differentiate them. We are here to provide you with tips for choosing the right toothbrush.

  • Head Brush Size

A brush head comes in ample sizes, and you must choose the correct size. So what is the apt size of the brush head? The large size of the head could be better for maximum people. It is difficult to clean the molars that are at the back of the mouth.

The brush should have a grip that you can handle comfortably for a longer period of time. The two minutes brush can feel like fifteen minutes if the grip is hard to handle. The ideal head size for a brush is half an inch wide and one inch tall.

  • Approved By ADA

ADA should approve the toothbrush as it authenticates that strict testing is done to ensure that the toothbrush is best for cleaning, and it’s safe to use for your mouth. Take expert advice from a dentist if you are puzzled about which toothbrush is best for your teeth. While buying you can check the ADA seal of approval for originality.

  • Branded Or Unbranded

It would be best if you always bought a branded toothbrush as brands have to pass many quality tests to certify that the brush is made of premium quality as the mouth is a vital part of the body. The cheaper toothbrush can shed bristles when cleaning the teeth, and they may be unclean and unsafe to use. You can also take the guidance of your dentist at your next dental cleaning.

  • Bristles Classification

The bristles are classified under three categories namely hard, soft, and medium. So what do you use? Hard bristles do better cleaning, but soft nylon bristles are considered best when brushing teeth and ensuring that the hairs do not shred at the time of use. The soft bristles will not hamper your teeth once you think of brushing hard. 

Hard or medium bristle toothbrushes can lead to loss of enamel and also irritation in gum if you brush hard. Teeth are not strong as it is, sugary foods, poor oral health, and acidic drinks have weakened them a lot, so using soft bristles helps prevent them from further damage.

Always check the tip of the bristles and ascertain that the bristles should be soft for better cleaning and thus getting strong teeth.

  • Electric or Manual Toothbrush

This is a personal preference whether you want to choose a manual or electric toothbrush. The basic purpose is teeth cleanliness. If you are satisfied with the manual toothbrush, then no need for the electric version. Electric toothbrushes are costlier than manual and for a head replacement, you have to pay again at regular intervals of three months but if they clean your teeth properly, then you can go ahead with that also.

An electric toothbrush is a good option for children as they cannot brush for a long time, and they must inculcate the brushing habit at an early age to prevent tooth decay. Overall if compared then a manual toothbrush is the best and most economical but an electric toothbrush is suitable for children.

  • Rounded Vs. Straight Bristles

You might have never noticed the tips of your bristles. Most people do not notice it. Round and straight there are two types of bristles available. This may seem small, but it greatly impacts your oral health.

Both types of bristles might be giving you deep cleaning but straight or pointed bristles do big harm by cutting from gums and escalating the possibility of infection and inflammation.

So next time buy a round bristles brush.

Bottom Line

In the end, the finest toothbrush is the one that you use regularly and adequately. If you do not use the electric toothbrush, how much it is costlier is no benefit. The big advice is to change your toothbrush after every three months and take care of the tips to choose the right toothbrush.